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19 July 19
Hotel The Lalit, New Delhi
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Smart Cities Mission was one of the most prominent announcements of the government. Urban planners are increasingly fond of using the word “smarter” for their urban areas. In the quest to make our cities both safer and smarter, we are layering one new technology on top of another. Technological innovations are being used to make cities safer. City-wide Wi-Fi, use of sensors, video analytics, automated access are starting to show up in Indian cities too. These technologies converge to bring in torrents of data to cloud for meaningful analytics that funnels back to our city planners in understanding their city planning better.

However, as we continue to layer technologies, the interplay between technology and service delivery becomes more complicated. As we focus more and more on safety, our basic tenets of citizen privacy and their fundamental rights pose some challenging questions. For a city to be truly smarter and safer, we need to deliver systems that make the citizen communities happier and thriving.

This increased dependence on technologies in the air will imply that we pay equal cognitive effort in planning for the safety of our technological backbone. Our extreme reliance on our critical infrastructure, command, and control centers should demand extreme measures in protecting them. The cities of the future have to be safer, smarter, and resilient. Preventing and managing incidents, emergencies, and disasters has to be part of the planning at the conception. For any city to be truly smart city, the citizen safety and privacy have to be the basic premise.

At the ‘Safe Smart City Conference,’ our goal will be to review the progress so far, discuss what to do next. It will be a rendezvous of the government planners, executing authorities, governing civic bodies, think tank consultants, system implementers, technology solution providers, devices and sensors suppliers. Together, the discussion should be on the direction for the year 2025 and how do we make Indian Cities Safer and Smarter.

Who’s Speaking?

Durga Shankar Mishra*



Rahul Kapoor

Director Smart Cities


Avtar Singh



Naresh Kumar*



KS Tanvar

Vice - Chairman


Ajit Pai*



Arun Prakash*


Agra Municipal Corporation

Ashutosh Dwivedi

Municipal Commissioner

Varanasi Municipal Corporation

Nidhi Srivastava*



Rashmita Panda*


Rourkela Municipal Corporation

Satya Prakash Patel*


Rourkela Municipal Corporation

Vijay Nehra*


Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Mohammed Shayin*


Faridabad Smart City

Rajiv Kumar Mehta*


Karnal Smart City

Naresh Narwal*


GMDA Smart City

Sanjay Kumar*


Bhopal Smart City

Santosh Khadsare

Scientist E


Jasbeer Singh Solanki

Chief Operating Officer

Mahindra Defence Systems

Hemal Vora

Group Function Head, IoT


Manisha Saxena


Urban Development

Samrendra Kumar


MitKat Advisory

Jitendra Hariramani

Cluster Head


Vikas Aggarwal

Partner, Advisory Services


Ajay Gupta

Global Head - Smart Cities, IOT

Tech Mahindra

Jose Thomas

National Sales Manager- India SAARC

Axis Communications

Ajay Gupta

Head Enterprise Security


Tarun Wig

Senior Consultant


Pratyush Tiwari

Director Of Operations


Sunita Kangra



Keynote Sessions

Regulations and policy making with smart city in mind.

Securing the smart city AI & IOT Way.

Private Developers & Smart buildings.

Protecting our smart cities from terror attacks.

Smart Cities In India – All talks?

A view of Smart Cities across APAC.

The vision for Smart Cities for next five years.

Relegating the control of smart city to machines.


We have the open panel discussion on various aspects of Smart Cities Conference

‘Progress so far’ & ‘What to do next?’

• Smart city concept - origin
• Successful smart city implementation
• What all has been achieved in regard to safety and security
• What works effectively and where the focus should be
• Where have they implemented, what are the learnings
• Concept vs Approach vs Result vs Future

Safety & Security Of Tech Backbone – Command & Control Center Operations

• Command & Control Center Operations In a Smart City
• Challenges in implementing a command and control center operations
• How to bring efficiency and speed to command and control
center operations
• The vision of the futuristic command and control center
• Citizen friendliness and governance friendly
• Incident management

Cybersecurity & Privacy - The Two Main Tenets In Smart City

• Plethora of IOT devices controlling the city and how to ensure granular
cyber security
• Surveillance – creating levels of privacy – public vs private
• Cybersecurity of cities critical infrastructure and centralized command centers
• What a smart city level hack can look like
• Preventing IOT devices hack or malwares

Transport Safety - Preventing and Managing Incidents, Emergencies and Disasters Surveillance, Emergency Call System, SOS Points, Rescue and Recovery Services

• Ensuring citizen safety thru centralized operations
• Sensors to help detect and preempt accidents
• Surveillance to prevent roadblocks and ensure smooth mobility
• Smart analytics for better law enforcement
• Medical help and response systems in distressed situations
• Monitoring people traveling in and out of smart city
• City responders

Target Audience

This conference is relevant but not limited to people in the following sections:

  • Policy Makers
  • Smart City CEO's
  • Government Departments
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Urban Planners
  • Smart City Consultants
  • Master System Integrator
  • Cyber Security Firms
  • IOT Companies
  • AI Companies
  • eGovernance Solution Providers
  • Cloud Data Storage Companeis
  • Analytics Companies
  • OEM Manufacturers
  • Infrastructuret Consultants
  • Funding Agencies
  • Auto Industry Companies
  • Project Executing Agencies
  • Academic & Research Bodies
  • IT Solutions Providers
  • Geospatial Industry Experts
  • Physical Security Companies
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Transport Safety Agencies
  • Video Analytics Companies
  • Infrastructure Engineering Companies

Sponsorship & Exhibition

Safe Smart Cities Conference welcomes sponsorship from vendors seeking an exciting opportunity to meet the industry leaders and showcase their competencies. If you are involved within any of the following sectors then you should definitely join us.

  • Cloud Storage & Security Companies
  • Command & Control Center Companies
  • Enterprise Planning System Companies
  • Smart City Consulting Companies
  • Road Safety Solution Providers
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Cameras & Surveillance Companies
  • IT & Telecom Services Companies
  • Emergency Response System Companies
  • Biometric & Access Management Companies
  • Infrastructure Engineering Companies
  • Real Estate Companies
  • IT Solution Providers
  • Cyber Security Companies
  • Master System Integrators
  • AI & Analytics Companies
  • Mobility Solution Providers
  • IOT Companies


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